By Simona Bajenaru – Guest Blogger

Introducing Simona Bajenaru

Video created by the StandOut Online production crew

My name is Simona Bajenaru and I want to become the next Tony Robins. His female version, that is.

I bet many of you are asking yourselves “Come again? Who are you?”

“And what is it that qualifies you to make such a bold statement?”

The answer to your questions lies with me and my dream of helping everyone who, like me, wants to overcome fear and doubt but is either in disbelief that there is any light at the end of the tunnel or is totally oblivious to that metaphorical light and chooses the familiar over the scary unknown. It has actually taken a lot for me to say it out loud. Moreover, writing this statement as a public blog and announcing it to all my friends and family is yet another step forward conquering my own worst demon: self-confidence.


I use the slogan “I AM YOU” to connect with people whose stories are similar to mine as well as stories that help me grow. People who have hurdles to overcome so they can live their lives as their best selves.
I accepted my own life’s challenging hurdles and whether I face them, jump them or walk around them, I want to use all my experiences to help you leap over yours. I want my story to inspire others and create that much needed connection which leads to building the momentum to take the leap over as well as provides the safety net sometimes needed when you’re shaking at the top and doubt that the way down to the ground is the cathartic bit, totally safe and worth it!

Fear, Doubt and Disbelief – Self Confidence is a Bitch

My biggest barrier has always been self-confidence. It is difficult to believe in yourself in general, unless you are a narcissist or, of course, had the chance to grow up in a nurturing, supporting and loving environment (I am jealous of you!). But when the people around and closest to you put you down often enough and make you feel small and unworthy of praise it is really tough to dream big or even dream at all.

Helping others means I have to first help myself and I am doing just that by taking back control of my soul, my mind and my body.

Kickboxing has been my help line when my cry for help got loud and painful enough to be heard on the outside. Six years ago I could hardly lift my leg up or run 5 metres without being out of breath. Today, though unintentionally, I skilfully kick and shatter the cameras’ filter when the cameraman gets too close (Sorry Arjun!)! I am growing, step by step, and one day I want to be able to help others take back control and empower themselves to become the very best version of themselves.

I thought the title Becoming the next Tony Robins struck the right note but let me make it clear: I am on a very definite mission to become the truest version of my best self.

Mr Robins is simply the role model that I decided would best guide me along and inspire me. And so is The Rock. Looking at this video I can now really see how much I have grown and how much more I want to grow. I am excited and ready to embrace all that my life has to bring next.
This is my first baby step, standing out online, out of the shadows and into the spotlight. I know the road to fulfilling my dream of becoming the next Tony Robbins will require lots of online media and public appearances. I have made a start. This is just the beginning.
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