By Chris Murray – Contributor

How To Begin Standing Out Online

Social media platforms are a very crowded space these days and it is becoming more crowed by the minute. So how do you stand out, serve more people, gather a following and capitalise on your audience? You must firstly help people solve a problem and believe you are doing the world a service. You must then stand out and be remembered and hit the right emotional pain/pleasure points within your audience in order to sell.  Sounds easy right? So what is the solution? The answer is… be different and stand out. Your personality is different to anyone else’s on the planet. Combine this with patients, time and consistency and the enjoyment that comes from delivering your personality online and I can almost guarantee that you will be successful. The really hard part is being consistent and different.

Take Sergiu here for example, he is releasing a book soon. So how can he start to promote his book and at the same time raise his profile online. I would say he is on the right track by starting to use some short videos and picture media created from a combined video/photography shoot I did with him recently. This is how you start to be different. Do something which not many others are doing and keep going. Young people on Youtube are particular good at this because they enjoy what they do and as a result they become consistent.

Sopron Sergiu Stefan’s (First name Segiu), has seen an his Facebook interactions increase with these media snippets. What he must do now is continue to be consistent, add value and variety to his social media posts and respect his viewers time. Make your media posts short and engaging to begin with, and keep your videos down to 90 seconds. You have got to become known liked and trusted to be successful online. You do this by being yourself, respecting your viewers time and providing social proof of successful things you have done in your life. Variety in what you post and the right frequency of your posts is important. Trial and error is often the best way to figure out what is best for your audience this or have a media/marketing specialist work with you.

In the video above Sergiu is introducing his name, a little bit of controversy and some humour. But there is more here. He could actually build on this theme and become the “Bare Footed Entrepreneur” and build media around this concept. Unfortunately someone in the world already has this name. I told you it wasn’t easy. Being funny, controversial or being able to hit emotional points in viewers will help you become successful online. I will say more about this is in the future.

5 Simple Steps To Becoming Successful Online (The MCMCM Chris Murray Formula)

Step 1.


Find out what your message is. Be passionate about it and know it inside out

Step 2.


Learn how to communicate your message effectively. Public speaking is a very good example of this

Step 3.


Good quality media is an indicator to good quality content. This helps your potential customers engage with you better

Step 4.


This is a very important step. None of the above points will mean anything without consistency. Post regularly online, have fun and be creative or hire a professional content creator to help keep your content exciting, informative, interesting and engaging

Step 5.


In order to serve more people and sustain what you are doing you must make money. The more money you make the better service you can provide and the more people you can reach