Author –  Chris Murray

Lindsey’s mother cried when she saw this video

Why? Because her daughter is transforming into an incredible human being and her purpose and strength in life are being realised. I am often told by others how good I am at visual storytelling, It’s my superpower and I give thanks for it because without a shadow of a doubt, this skill has saved my life (Follow my T.I.M blog posts to hear more about my story). Today, using this skill I have created a formula for helping people transform themselves into the Super Beings they are already inside. If you are between the age of 40 to 55 and you are reading this thinking “Super-Being? Sounds like a load of nonsense”, then you are the kind of person I must try to help. I am calling this process the INNER-SELF MAGNIFIER.  It is the formula for unlocking the incredible human being we all have inside of us.

How to get to the next level on social media

There are some good people in the world with good information, skills, knowledge, products, services, messages that can transform lives but they are held back by society and their own limiting beliefs.  To get to the next level, these individuals must develop the courage and the confidence to deliver their messages and promote themselves and their businesses. I am going to start teaching the art of visual storytelling, smartphone video production and confidence-building because with these skills you can transform your life and the lives of your loved ones and help other people to survive and thrive.

People take the most action when they are emotionally charged. Having the skill to emotionally move people will help you to help them take action. First I must teach you how to put a mirror in front of yourself so that you can see who you really are. The kind of mirror that reflects your greatness back to you. Just like how this video has shown Lindsey how magnificent she is. From here Lindsey can only go from strength to strength. Society has kept you small all for the purpose of turning you into a disposable battery for the economies of the world, so let’s change that and revert you back onto the path to becoming the super human being you are supposed to be. My teachings will begin here (It will be based on fascinating evidence I have gathered) … It starts with the very basics.

I am going to use simple modern-day technology (your phone) to help bring out your heroic self. The self that will get things done and start to bring about more positive change for you and the people around you. The power to do this is already within you and the technology you are going to use is already in your pocket. If you want to start building your confidence online and do more with the life experience and knowledge you have then click the button below. Equally, if you want to put a face, a personality, or your story in front of the services/products you provide then also click the button below. I can set you on a path to becoming the best version of you.

The Power In Your Pocket online series is designed to help you package your personal brand and deliver more powerful and engaging video online helping do and achieve more