Author –  Chris Murray

One Sure Way To Achieve More and Do More In Your Life

Did you know that Champagne was invented accidentally? Interesting. Well, I have not accidentally created a world-class drink but a celebration could be in order. I believe I have accidentally stumbled upon a formula that helps people achieve more in their lives and become the best version of themselves. What is even more interesting, I have gathered evidence to support it. Somehow (and I am not a psychologist) when people see themselves inside of strong media it has the effect of boosting their confidence and their belief in themselves. Seeing yourself in good quality media can cause you to think “Yeah, I look and sound really good, I like that, I can do more”

What started off with me, tutoring a group of people about how to build confidence in front of a camera and create professional-looking media using their smartphone, has turned into a group of rising individuals ready to change the world and do amazing things in their own lives. How has this happened, what has amplified this drive?

The more they see themselves inside of quality media the more they want to take action to build on their dreams. Here is an example of someone who has gone through my Power In Your Pocket online course and my Gatekeeper program.

Here is the biggest point I would like to make…

Philippa has been on my Gatekeeper program which includes The Power In Your Pocket series, for one year now and she practices her performance and video production skills using her smartphone. Here is the most important point I would like to make… Philippa has grown in confidence and has developed her video production skill over time, to the point where she now feels confident enough to quit her full job and go part-time and focus on her dream career of becoming a Mindset and Manifestation coach. Philippa believes she has the skills to achieve this now and I believe she does too. I am calling this formula” The Inner Self Magnifier” and I will have more to say about it in this blog series.

Your journey to doing more online and becoming the person you want to be can begin right here. The first step is to learn how to put a magnifying glass on your greatness and to see yourself for who you really are. One very good starting point is to learn how to record yourself so that you look good and look more professional. This will give you a more positive outlook on yourself and greater self-belief and confidence.