By Chris Murray – Director AGR Video Production, company based at Ravenesbourne a world renowned film and television university

The New Breed – How to Start Standing Out Online in 2020

There isn’t just one Tony Robbins in the world, there isn’t just one Wayne Dyer, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Tai Lopez, or even John Lee. There are many people like this everywhere. People who, in my opinion, could even be better than these top influencers. These people simply do not have the means to break through.

Video produced by Chris Murray AGR Video Production

Gold Mine

It is a very exciting time right now to become a prominent public speaker especially in the online space. It is probably the biggest business to be in right now and one of the easiest to break into provided you have the ability and resources to achieve it. The majority of us know how to communicate and most of us have something we are knowledgeable and passionate about. This is often all it takes to get started.

So what is the formula to becoming a top public speaker in the world? The power essentially lies in how you are perceived by the media, especially online social media.

The old guard (television broadcasting) is dying slowly. The future of television is online and in fact, I would go as far to say that the future of Hollywood is online. The battle between Netflix and new kid on the block Disney would seem to indicate that. What this now means is that with social media you now have the power of both television and Hollywood at your finger tips. So all you have to do is make yourself into a star. Easy right? No, I hear you say.

Video produced by Chris Murray AGR Video Production


You have to examine what the top guys are doing and on casual observation you can see clearly that they have powerful media behind them and most of them are very prolific online when it comes to posting content. BUT that cannot be all there is to it. Well actually it could well be. Just turn to youtube and observe what is happening there. Most of the top YouTubers are just youngsters with a decent camera using good quality ENGAGING video media consistently. Today this seems to be the only barrier between being small and hitting it big. You now have to battle for recognition among the sea of potentials in the world. It’s all about standing out and having a clear message and delivering it in an educational, inspiring or entertaining way.
Here is the secret to becoming BIG online. You have got to use visual media and hit the right emotional chords with your viewers. You have got to stand out and be remembered. You have got to plan and structure your content and you have got to deliver it in an inspirational, educational or entertaining way. THEN above all this you have got to stay consistent.

Today I have a 5 step guide for beginners on how to begin to become a top global public figure and start making the money to match. I call it the Chris Murray Formula or The MCMCM formula.

Step 1.


Find out what your message is. Be passionate about it and know it inside out

Step 2.


Learn how to communicate your message effectively. Public speaking is a very good example of this

Step 3.


Good quality media is an indicator to good quality content. This helps your potential customers engage with you better

Step 4.


This is a very important step. None of the above points will mean anything without consistency. Post regularly online, have fun and be creative or hire a professional content creator to help keep your content exciting, informative, interesting and engaging

Step 5.


In order to serve more people and sustain what you are doing you must make money. The more money you make the better service you can provide and the more people you can reach