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The Standout Online Show was designed to empower you and your business. It is a platform created so that you can tell the world that you mean business. People who come onto the show want to be business leaders and influencers and want to attract more media attention and hence generate more business. They want to become the business leaders of tomorrow and appearing on our show is a clear indication that they are ready to take their business to the next level.

Show No.7- LUCY McCARRAHER – Founder, Rethink Press; Founder, Business Book Awards; Keynote Speaker, Author

Lucy McCarraher is a professional speaker, author, publisher and mentor, she has written 12 books (three fiction, nine non-fiction) and is on a mission to help more people, particularly women, to write and publish their business books to claim their authority, boost their businesses. This interview has some of the best tips for writing a book that we have ever heard  View Show

Show No.6- ERIC HO – Sales Guru, International Speaker, Author The Millionaire Monk

Eric Ho, (The Millionaire Monk), is a renowned international speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, educator, author and sales guru. Through international tours Eric has allowed his extensive experience and passion to enlighten countless crowds, aiding them in adding value to their lives by achieving their goals.  View Show

Show No.5- Garrain Jones- Transformation Coach & International Speaker

With over 75k followers on Facebook and 120k followers on Instagram, Garrain Jones is on his way to becoming a global trail blazer. Garrain has had a hard life and this compelled him to learn new approaches that have helped him to produce an amazing life. Now he wants to share what he has learned with others so that they too can change their mindset and change their life.  View Show

Show No.4- Laura Louise Gilbert – Founder at Less Stress More Success

Laura is a successful entrepreneur in her own right and knows what it takes to get onto the road to success. She has felt the lowest lows and despair in her journey and wanted to figure out what it is that causes these times of difficulty for us.

She took some time to sit back and reflect on what was going on and used her expertise in Psychology, Sociology, Physiology, Health and Coaching to assess the situations and concluded that there are 5 key areas that provoke unhealthy levels of stress in our lives and that when these foundation areas are unbalanced they accumulate to produce detrimental effects to our physical and mental health – they create anxiety and depressive states.

In this interview Laura summarises the five points and provides tips on how to get the balance right.  View Show

Show No.3 – Vytautas Obelevicius – Entrepreneur – Mindset Coach & Network Marketer

Vytautas or Vytas for short is a mindset coach and network marketer. This young entrepreneur is particularly fond of helping people to start up in business and achieving financial freedom (through network marketing). An avid network marketer himself, Vytas believes in realising opportunities and taking full advantage of them when they appear. In this interview Vytas explains in a very easy terms what network marketing is and how it can help you on your journey of becoming an entrepreneur. Vytautas specialises in helping people start to become the best business people they can be.   View Show

Show No.2 – Rashminder Singh Birdi – Serial Entrepreneur & Property Investor

This is another great interview from the StandOut Online camp. Presenter Luke Scott is doing a fantastic job of getting the best out of his guests and Rashminder Singh Birdi is one such guest. Rasminder is an inspirational serial entrepreneur who has made some remarkable changes in his own life and career to launch himself as a property developer and mentor. A former Post Office owner Rashminder changed his career path and re-invested in himself. In this interview he tells his story and explains why he now has more time to do the things he enjoys doing the most. Listening to real life success stories from ordinary people like Rashminder can give us courage to make changes in our own lives

Show No.1- Alex Hobley – Performance & Confidence Coach

Alex is a young up and coming entrepreneur. He is passionate about helping others on their journey of becoming the best version of themselves. He is a property enthusiast  and dabbles in Forex stock trading. In this episode Alex explains practical ways of overcoming shyness and talks about how he moved himself from being a wall flower to a public speaking entrepreneur who is now brave enough to step in front of high-tech studio cameras. The film crew did not know what a performance coach was either so even they learnt something.

StandOut Inaugural Show – Luke Scott – International Speaker & Success Mentor

As an international speaker & success mentor, Luke Scott has positioned himself as one of the go-to people in personal development. Through years of study both home and abroad Luke has come up with formulas designed to help us achieve whatever we set our minds to. As a deeply spiritual minded person, Luke delves into the human psyche to discover what truly makes us happy and how to achieve success. He is a very firm believer in the laws of attraction and is using himself as an example to us all. Stop thinking small and stand out is his motto. You can step into a new you by simply watching his achievements and following his lead. View Show

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