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Eric Ho

Sales Guru, International Speaker, Authur
The Millionaire Monk

Eric Ho, (The Millionaire Monk), is a renowned international speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, educator, author and sales guru. Through international tours Eric has allowed his extensive experience and passion to enlighten countless crowds, aiding them in adding value to their lives by achieving their goals.

Eric Ho Interview – (28 mins)

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00:13 seconds –  Welcome to the show and introduction to Eric Ho (The Millionaire Monk),  International speaker, author and philanthropist. 

00:39 seconds – What is a Millionaire Monk?

02:50 –   I have seen you on social media talking a lot about “The Laws of Attraction? What does this mean to you? 

04:29 – In your own life, what has been the biggest shift you have seen since adopting a more spiritual approach to life?

06:42 – Sometimes good things in life can happen by chance, by luck, by coincidence. What is your opinion on that ?

08:01 – So how can we shift our mindset and our thoughts to attract better things into our lives ?

10:39 – Many people don’t realise that becoming a entrepreneur is one of the hardest things to do in business. People starting out have high expectations how can they reset their expectations and become more grounded and face the challenge with more of a level head. 

13:05 – How can we better endure the challenges of becoming a successful entrepreneur by focus more on the moment we are in right now?

17:45 – Putting yourself out there and attracting opportunities and showing off your difference and standing out is what attracted me to you. What advise can you give to us to help us to stand out?

22:19 – You have used the phrase “Pluging into your source”  What is the source?

25:20 – If there is one thing you can share with the viewers that if they do this one thing it would make a huge positive impact on their lives what would that one thing be?

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