Well done and welcome to the start of your journey!!!

We address now the new version of YOU represented by the identity traits of your NEW IDENTITY which you have pulled out over the previous week.

In this week, we will look at SELF-REALISATION i.e how you now fulfill your potential based on your New Identity. The week is split into three short lessons: Inner Chakras, Self-Talk and Surrender.

The deep work towards your destination point really starts here so as ever, ensure that you are in a quiet space and have your pen and journal always at the ready to take copious notes as quite a few concepts and terminologies will be introduced in the week which may be new to you. Your rapted attention is needed throughout.

Your commitment to give authentic answers to all questions asked, to follow the step by step instructions provided, to do your daily Morning and Evening Routine using the audio recording of the Guided Affirmations and short Meditation attached to this week is key to your progress in this week. Ensure therefore that this is maintained at the highest level always.

Remember too that the audio recording on the step by step guide on How to Meditate and Getting Into State is attached to Week 1 ‘ s lesson and is there to be used at your leisure if necessary.

By the end of this week, you will be able to consciously tune into your inner chakras and to pick up on telltale signs if any is out of alignment and to work with this to better your health. You will see clearer how DNA is linked to the cells of your body and how such cells are connected to and work in tandem with the chakras. You will better understand how you can be considered the Architect of your reality in terms of your intrinsic creative powers via the conduit of your thoughts and the manner in which you speak to your cells. You will also learn that the cells of your body have one sole aim, to sit in wait for your instructions and commands so they can manifest exactly what you have instructed them to.

You will also hold by the end of this week’s lessons a list of things which impeded your further growth but which you have gradually accepted as your allies having transmuted the fear-based mindset linked to them