STEP 1 – Start Building Your Email List

Setting up the pathway to make money online is not difficult. It only takes a little bit of dedication and time. Having a fantastic product or service that can either help people solve a problem or entertain them in some way boils down to having a great product or service to sell online.

So what is the first step to step creating an income online? We are going to follow Philippa and see what she does. Philippa is a mindset and manifestation coach and has two services she will provide around this topic.

Philippa must begin by providing value to people in exchange for an email address. Whoever gives Philippa their email address will be interested in what Philippa has to offer. Philippa will be using an online service called ConvertKit to be her database storage for storing and using email addresses. Philippa will use online media (especially video) to attract potential customers/clients interested in what she has to offer.

Let’s jump in and see where she is at the moment on her journey to make a dollar. Making one dollar is the gateway to making many more.