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Power In Your Pocket

Power in your pocket is an online course designed to help you create affordable, professional looking media for you and your business. Good quality media can help you stand out online which is essential to your overall success. This can all be achieved through your mobile phone, which is taught within this course.

Welcome to Power In Your Pocket

Now is a good time to stand out and shine online. In this series I am going to show you how you can affordably use your smartphone to create more professional looking online media. Firstly, you must have the right equipment for the job

Episode 1

The most important aspect of any video you produce is sound quality. If you want to take your video production to the next level you must think sound quality first.

Episode 2

Before you sit in front of your camera and press the record button ensure you have a good location and background behind you. This set of lessons is about the importance of location and background when creating professional looking videos using your mobile phone.

Episode 3

We are now at episode 3 and we still have not pressed the record button yet. There is a lot to think about before you start recording. This episode is about COMPOSITION. What is composition I hear you ask. Watch this lesson to find out

Episode 4

In this episode I will be showing you an affordable easy to setup lighting configuration for creating professional looking smartphone videos

Episode 5

Now we get our feet wet by diving into creating a good quality smartphone video. In this episode I will be using a popular filming App to capture high quality video.

Episode 6

If you want to stand out even more and take your video production to the next level then recording video while you are on the move is the next step.

Episode 7

Video editing is the ultimate tools for creating engaging professional looking videos. In these lessons you will learn how to edit videos using just your mobile phone