Shasta Townsend- 7 Star Love

Hi Shasta, I thought I would very quickly create a simple web page to explain what I can do for 7 Star Love. I am a media producer (over 10 years) and previously a computer programmer (over 20 years). Today I specialise in showing people how to get the best media they can from their smartphones and give them the option to send them to me for editing. Both picture media and video media.

I am going to show you some samples of my work and explain a little about them

My Tech Background

I am not a web designer, but I am very familiar with the computer languages used to build them.  This website for example was built by me and is a membership site as well as a general website. I sell my online courses on this website and gather monthly membership subscribers through organic marketing methods. I believe good sales copy, great story telling and engaging media can do very well as long as you are consistent.

I feel very at home with technology and spent 20 years as a computer programmer as my first career.

My media work

On this page I am going to show work I believe is more relevant to what you might be looking for… I am highly skilled in the main softwares used by the top video and graphics editors. Mainly I use Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects from Adobe.

This is a video I filmed and edited as an advert to an online course for a client. I pride myself on being able to create strong emotionally charged pieces

This is a video I filmed and edited as an advert to an online course for a client

This client was a student of mine I taught her how create better quality videos of her herself speaking and then edited them for her. This lady is a holistic therapist, spiritual mentor & teacher

This is an intro to an online show I produced. This video demonstrates more memorable eye catching effects, again helping with the mood and feel of the piece

This is an intro to one of my online courses

This is a video I filmed and edited as an advert to another online show.

It should be noted that still images can be created from any  frame in a video and used for marketing purposes.

This is a testimonial from current client of mine, Philippa Gittens. Philippa is a  Mindset and Manifestation Coach.

…and here is one of her videos. Filmed by Philippa (with my guidance) and edited by me

This is a testimonial from current client of mine… Razvan Chirodea, Razvan is an online marketer

Here is a sample of one of his videos.