Alex Hobley – Performance & Confidence Coach

Show No.1- Alex Hobley – Performance & Confidence Coach

Alex is a young up and coming entrepreneur. He is passionate about helping others on their journey of becoming the best version of themselves. He is a property enthusiast  and dabbles in Forex stock trading. In this episode Alex explains practical ways of overcoming shyness and talks about how he moved himself from being a wall flower to a public speaking entrepreneur who is now brave enough to step in front of high-tech studio cameras. The film crew did not know what a performance coach was either so even they learnt something.

The Full Interview

Video Interview Map

00:09 seconds –  Welcome to the show and induction to Alex Hobley, Confidence and Performance Coach.

00:28 seconds – Alex tell us about who you are and what it is you do?

02:00 –   Why do you think people focus less on personal development as opposed to learning new skills?

03:35 – What kind of person needs a coach?

04:23 – What advantages/benefits can I get from working with a coach?

08:19 – So you are a Confidence and Performance coach, what exactly does that mean?

09:40 – If someone out there watching who has low confidence, lacks confidence, what kind of things can they be doing now to help them improve?

14:47 – We have talked about the confidence side of your coaching, what about the performance side, what is it and what does it mean to everyday people?

17:45 – If someone wants to find out more about you where can they go, how do they find you?

18:15 – If you could leave the audience with one thing that if they implement it into their lives, it would have a huge positive impact on their lives, what would it be ?

19:05 – End.

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