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Show No.4- Laura Louise Gilbert – Founder at Less Stress More Success

Laura is a successful entrepreneur in her own right and knows what it takes to get onto the road to success. She has felt the lowest lows and despair in her journey and wanted to figure out what it is that causes these times of difficulty for us.

She took some time to sit back and reflect on what was going on and used her expertise in Psychology, Sociology, Physiology, Health and Coaching to assess the situations and concluded that there are 5 key areas that provoke unhealthy levels of stress in our lives and that when these foundation areas are unbalanced they accumulate to produce detrimental effects to our physical and mental health – they create anxiety and depressive states.

In this interview Laura summarises the five points and provides tips on how to get the balance right.

The Full Interview

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00:09 seconds –  Welcome to the show and induction to Laura Louise Gilbert, Founder at Less Stress More Success.

00:33 seconds – Less stress more success, sounds like something everyone wants, what does this term mean to you?

02:21 –   What kind of tips do you have for someone who is super stressed and believes they shouldn’t be?

05:47 – You mentioned 5 foundations that stress can effect, you touched on the first on “Physical Health”, what are the others? [Laura starts to talk about nutritional health]

06:34 – [Laura begins talking about psychology, mindfulness and mental heath]

06:50 – Luke – “I saw some schools begin to instead of sending kids to detention they send them for meditation, I think that is amazing. What do you think?

10:53 – Great, we have had 3 foundation points and now we have two more left [Laura then summarises the points so far and introduces foundation point 4]

12:50 – So we have had 4 foundation or pillar points, what’s number 5?

15:17 – So for people who are watching who are saying “yes I get it, I have to focus on these five points.” How can Less Stress More Stress guide people along?

16:50 – I am sure there are people out there who want to know a little more about your story. How did all of this (Less Stress More Success) come about. Why did you create it?

21:53 – If someone is watching this and they say “Yes great, I want to find my purpose” where do they start?

24:18 – So what is it that makes you stand out?

26:00 – If there is one thing that you could leave the audience with that if they implemented it, it would have a huge positive impact on their lives what would it be?

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