Lucy McCarraher

Lucy McCarraher

Founder, Rethink Press; Founder, Business Book Awards; Keynote Speaker, Author

Lucy McCarraher is a professional speaker, author, publisher and mentor, she has written 12 books (three fiction, nine non-fiction) and is on a mission to help more people, particularly women, to write and publish their business books to claim their authority, boost their businesses, support their work-life balance and build respect.

Lucy McCarraher Interview – (39 mins)

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00:09 seconds –  Welcome to the show and introduction to Lucy McCarraher – Founder, Rethink Press; Founder, Business Book Awards; Keynote Speaker and Author. 

00:46 seconds – Writing a book is something every business owner and speak knows they should do most people procrastinate and put it off. Why do you think it is so important to write a book?

02:43 –  What is the most important thing someone needs to know if they are thinking of writing a book?

04:10 – So tell us about the first book you wrote how did that process go?

06:41 – We were at your book awards event and the Author Daniel Priestley said a really powerful quote, he said “The most  important book you will ever have in your life is not the one you read it’s the one you write”  How important is this process, what did he mean by that?

08:45 – Your publishing company is called Rethink Press, how did you get into publishing from being an author ?

11:05 – How did you come to start working with with Authors like Daniel Priestley, Dan Meredith?

12:18 – Luke ScottI think most peoples dream when it comes to writing a book is to be picked up by some world renowned publisher that gets them an international bestseller with millions and millions of copies sold worldwide… Is that your experience is that what happens to most authors?” Lucy McCarraher – “There are 3 established ways of getting your book published…” Lucy explains the 3 routes

21:37 – Our show is called the Stand Out Online Show and we like to ask people what makes them stand out. tell us what makes you and Rethink Press stand out. How are you different to other publishers ?

24:27 – What does it take to become a bestseller? 

26:35 – Positioning yourself in business is so important. Is that something you stress on your authors?

28:00 – A lot of people start their own book but don’t quite get it over the finishing line. What advise can you give to them? 

32:18 – I was really inspired when I came to your Business Book Awards, I thought yes, next year I want to win one of the awards. So what is your advice for me and all the other aspiring authors watching this interview, what does it take to win an award?

34:27 – What are some of things that authors should not do?

36:28 – You have written a secret book which only your clients get called “The Writter Process”. How do people get to learn about you, contact you, work with Rethink Press?

38:05 – If there is one thing that you can share with the audience that if they do this thing it will have the biggest impact on there writing process what would it be?