Luke Scott International Speaker & Success Mentor

Luke Scott

International Speaker & Success Mentor

As an international speaker & success mentor, Luke Scott has positioned himself as one of the go-to people in personal development. Through years of study both home and abroad Luke has come up with formulas designed to help us achieve whatever we set our minds to. As a deeply spiritual minded person, Luke delves into the human psyche to discover what truly makes us happy and how to achieve success. He is a very firm believer in the laws of attraction and is using himself as an example to us all. Stop thinking small and stand out is his motto. You can step into a new you by simply watching his achievements and following his lead.

StandOut Inaugural Show – (26 mins)

Video Interview Map

00:14 seconds –  Welcome to the show and induction to Luke Scott, International Speaker & Success Mentor.

01:06 seconds – Success Mentor, in a nutshell, what does that mean?

01:41 –   The StandOut Online Show, it’s a great name what will the show represent and what is the purpose of it?

02:47 – A lot of people would say that their business is unique and sells itself. They would say that they do not have to stand out, their business does. What would you say to those kind of people?

03:26 – How are people going to get themselves standing out online? Everyone is doing similar things to help themselves rise above the competition. What else can they do?

04:37 – It seems pointless doing videos if only a few people will see them? I can be discouraging if only a handful of people are viewing them.

05:43 – Ok big question, do you think that you stand out online?

07:10 – Many business people may look at you and think he looks quite young what does he know, what can he teach me? So what are you most known for?

08:50 – Will becoming more invisible online mean becoming more profitable in my business? What s the purpose of becoming more visible online?

09:57 – For older people who are more set in their ways is a mind shift required ?

10:47 – Most people may think what does my past story have to do with my business. I want to make my business visible not me.

12:00 – Is there a Richard Branson, Karen Brady in all of us even in the most shy and timid people?

14:05 – Do we really need good quality videos to stand out online and what do people have to do to make good quality videos? (It’s not just about the picture & sound quality)

18:05 – Most business people don’t want to broadcast their personal stories in fear of ridicule. How do we deal with that fear.

19:21 – Some people know they should be doing video but they absolutely have a fear of simply being in front of the camera. How do you help people with that basic fear?

20:52 – Do you think the business people have to be online in order to be successful these days?

21:34 – Would you agree then that everyone is a potential broadcaster, every can create their own channel online and the future of television is online

22:16 – Where is Luke Scott going to be in 5 years time?

23:27 – What excites Luke Scott what gets you up in the morning and makes you say “YES, I am doing this today”?

24:36 – What is the most exciting thing you have done in your life and what are you most proud of?

24:36 – End

Inaugural Show Highlights

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