Rashminder Singh Birdi

Show No.2- Rashminder Singh Birdi – Serial Entrepreneur & Property Investor

This is another great interview from the StandOnline camp. Presenter Luke Scott is doing a fantastic job of getting the best out of his guests and Rashminder Singh Birdi is one such guest. Rasminder is an inspirational serial entrepreneur who has made some remarkable changes in his own life and career to launch himself as a property developer and mentor. A former Post Office owner Rashminder changed his career path and re-investing himself. In this interview he tells his story and explains why he now has more time to do the things he enjoys doing the most. Listening to real life success stories from ordinary people like Rashminder can give us courage to make changes in our own lives.

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00:09 seconds –  Welcome to the show and introduction to Rashminder Singh Birdi, Serial Entrepreneur.

01:50 seconds – For who is in thinking of starting a business who is not making best use of their time what advice would yo give to them?

03:14 –   You have been highly successful this year, can you tell us what has been the highlight of the last 12 months?

03:43 – Why do you think business success or achievements happened for you so quickly?

04:30 – You invest money into quite a few /projects, schemes? What kind of things do you invest in?

05:56 – What advice would you give to someone who is looking to invest in property?

07:12 – They say most entrepreneurs are just employees of their own businesses. If like yourself and business owners want to make a change from this kind of business life, what would you say to them?

10:06 – You also mentioned that you invest in currencies, tell me  a little about  that?

10:57 – What do you look for in an investment, what does investment mean to you?

11:47 – I like what you said about investing in yourself, investing in yourself is one of the best forms of investing, would you agree?

13:16 Rashminder Singh Birdi – “If you are well in here (points to his head) and here (points to his chest) out here (points to the world) is your choice, you can make whatever you want from it”.

14:40 – You have started teaching and coaching other people, can you tell us a bit more about that.

18:38 – You seem quite decisive, you decide something. The power of making a decisions, is that something you come across a lot?

19:32 – Luke Scott – ” I am a big fan of the laws of attraction and once you have made a decision the universe just conspires and brings all of these amazing things into your life but most people don’t know what they want”

21:34 – For someone looking for their first investment, their first business, what advice can you give them?

23:32 – I see you doing lots of things and post your activities on social media and taking action. Is taking action a big thing for you?

25:05 – What is it that makes you stand out?

26:27 – If there is one thing that you could leave the audience with that if they implemented it, it would have a huge positive impact on their lives what would it be?

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