Vytautas Obelevičius – Entrepreneur – Mindset Coach – Network Marketer

Show No.3- Vytautas Obelevicius – Entrepreneur – Mindset Coach – Network Marketer

Vytautas or Vytas for short is a mindset coach and network marketer. This young entrepreneur is particularly fond of helping people startup in business and achieving financial freedom (through network marketing). An avid network marketer himself, Vytas believes in realising opportunities and taking full advantages of them when they appear. In this interview Vytas explains in a very easy terms what network marketing is and how it can help you on your journey of becoming an entrepreneur. Vytautas specialises in helping people start to become the best business people they can be.

The Full Interview

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00:09 seconds –  Welcome to the show and introduction to Vytautas Obelevicius, entrepreneur, mindset coach and network marketer.

00:30 seconds – What does the word entrepreneur mean to you?

01:50 –  Why do you think so many businesses fail in the first 5 years?

03:07 – What advice do you have for anyone starting out in business or they are thinking of starting a business?

04:27 – Where are you so inspired about helping people startup in business and reaching financial freedom?

05:01 – Who is the ideal person you like to help startup in business?

06:31 – How important is it to have the correct mindset in becoming an entrepreneur ?

10:10 – Who do you look up to in business, who inspires you?

10:58 – There are many good or strong business models out there, with so many different types of businesses out there how do you begin to decide what kind of business you want?

11:53 – Most people are worried about starting up a business because of the initial investment, what do you say to someone who doesn’t understand the value of investing?

13:36 – You have experience in a number of things so what business model would you suggest that people should consider?

17:20 – People are skeptical about the potential of network marketing schemes. Why do you think that is and how can you shatter that belief?

20:28 –If people become convinced about network marketing how do they go about choosing the right one?

24:37 – If anyone is interested in starting up their own business or talking more about networking marketing how can they get in touch with you?

25:30 – What makes you stand out?

26:30 – If there is one thing that you could leave the audience with that if they implemented it, it would have a huge positive impact on their lives what would it be?

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