By Chris Murray – Contributor

Why Personal Branding?

I use to say that the future of television is online but I cannot say that anymore because it is here now and online companies like Netflix are leading the way. Instead, I am now saying that the future of Hollywood is online and anyone taking their online personal branding seriously will win in the near future. Young people are already turning themselves into online superstars and today I believe it is the turn of the 40 to 55 years olds to step into the arena and bring a new super cool, slick and wise sophistication to social media.

Question: Can we use online video to build a strong personal brand and use it to endorse our own products and services?

Yes, and the evidence is all around us. If you stand out and shout about what you believe in, share your passions and your story whilst relating them to your products and services, you could be onto a winning formula. Some of the most powerful business owners I know have one thing in common: they use different forms of media to boost their online professional & personal profile which leads to stronger businesses. This is the new way to cut through the digital noise by focusing on your personal brand. People buy from people and they are attracted to, the personalities that say the things they resonate with, delivered in the way they like it. All you need to do is stand out, be different and be consistent.

7 steps to building a strong personal brand

  • Be seen in the way you want to be perceived.
  • Tell your story.
  • Talk about the things you are most passionate about (business and personal).
  • Find ways to add value to your audience by creating content that is in line with your beliefs and your brand.
  • Be yourself and get your personality across.
  • Provide social proof to back up the things you say in business.
  • Be consistent and timely with your messages and help your audience by keeping your messaging as short as possible.

The holy grail for any business is to hit mainstream media (i.e national television and/or radio). But the pendulum is swinging and business people are realising that social media and personal branding is the new frontier. Big broadcasting still has its place and it is clear that if you are invited to share your expertise or knowledge on the likes of the BBC you are almost guaranteed a huge boost to your business.

Anyone today with a mobile phone and/or a camera and internet connection is a potential broadcaster or online “movie” star in their own story. Creating strong media campaigns online can help you create a good following of fans. This leads to attracting more customers and can lead to repeat business. Creating such gravity on social media does not go unnoticed and it is almost a certain way to attract bigger broadcasting.

Creating social media campaigns that can entertain, educate and build a following should be a primary activity of any business with an online presence. Creating such campaigns is not difficult; what is difficult is sustaining such a campaign and being creative and standing out. So being consistent, being different and providing social proof online is the key to winning more business in the crowded space of social media.

Me with Jay Davidson (15 years at the BBC)) former Channel Commissioner for BBC 2 and BBC 4. News and current affairs BBC ONE and BBC TWO. People like Jay know how to get people like you quoted on big broadcasting.

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