By Chris Murray – Contributor

A Netflix For Business

Eureka !! A word used to express excitement when someone finds or discovers something useful or of value. The future of television is online and it seems like the more I say it, the more it begins to manifest itself.

I have a dream of competing with the BBC… (Try not to laugh)

4 years ago I barely had a camera, now I have an entire studio of equipment and the facilities to match. This is what dreamers do, they have a vision and they make it into a reality. On the 28th September 2017 that vision took another leap forward with the creation of this platform you are reading from now. Luke Scott presenter and founder of StandOut Online TV, another visionary, set out to create an online TV show called the StandOut Online Show. I was attracted to this idea and wanted to help. Fast-forward less than 3 months later and EUREKA the start of an online TV channel was born. This platform has the ability to hold any kind of digital content and make it either free, paid monthly or for one time purchase. Just think of the possibilities.

If you want to stand out, do things differently and help others to solve problems

StandOut Online TV just like Netflix has started to create content for subscribers. Some content can be free to view, some can be one-time purchase for life or some can be rolling monthly memberships. Yes I know I am repeating myself  but it is worth repeating. Stop and think for a second… This idea could turn into a Netflix for business with speciality content designed to help business people stand out online. Any business or collection of businesses can do this. Find a niche topic, solve problems,  become a thought leader and BINGO you have a pool of potential customers buying into carefully curated information designed to add value to their lives. Entrepreneurs and business people are already creating things like online courses and obtaining subscribers through websites like Udemy, Thinkific, Skillshare, Teachable and others.

What if you could extend this to online magazines, blogs, pictures, music, virtually any kind of digital content and have complete control over everything. Well this platform can do just that. The true beauty of all of this is that it can be global.

Everyone is a potential online broadcaster

Initially I created the AGR Business Show as a means of showing business people the possibilities. As a result I was fortunate to meet people like former Dragon’s Den investor Piers Linney, Dragon’s Den winner Levi Roots, and Lord Flight of the House of Lords. The great thing is you can do the same because successful people understand the importance of good quality media and you can create an attractive platform and invite them in.  Luke Scott is one of my clients and from today I am making his platform one of my priorities because I know where this can lead. Waking up in the morning and finding new subscribers buying into what you have is a fantastic feeling. The future of television is online and business entities like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and others are leading the way for online content. There is a gold rush happening right now and there is nothing stopping you from carving out your expert niche and growing it. I am the creative designer and video producer for StandOut Online TV contact me if you too are a visionary like Luke Scott.

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