By Chris Murray – Contributor

Episode 2 – £100K or Bust (The Series)

My quest to make £100,000 from public speaking in just 12 months continues. It’s day 123 of 365 and probably like most of you I was skeptical about the possibility of achieving this. Going forward I am excited about the project and have no doubt that by Day 200 the thermometer will be close to boiling point…

If I can do this ANYONE can

Today I feel as if I am doing this for every man, woman and child in business and for anyone who just wants to break free. Making £100k from public speaking in 12 months, is it possible? I am laying myself naked on the streets on London and following my heart and doing something which is putting a smile on my face. I lead an exciting life and do whatever I want, when I want, how I want. Thanks to being thrown off the railway tracks of life and the 9 to 5 mindset.

The business quality which I have sharpened the most in trying to tackle this project, so far, is focus. I have my business colleague and mentor Luke Scott to thank for that. He has tools and techniques to help reprogram the business mindset. Whether it be a placebo or not all I know is the feeling of anxiety feels like a distant memory, thanks Luke (I need another session). As a daydreamer and someone who gets bored easily, focus is something I have to put in my tool box right alongside of time management.

There is plenty of scope and potential for this project but rather than talk about the possibilities I will just show them to you, provided you have the patience. The exposure already has been good for my business and I expect I will see a lot more unforeseen benefits as the project unfolds. Just a couple of weeks ago at the London Olympia business show,  I was recognised by one of the event managers of the show.  The person recognised me from episode 1 of this series. “Chris !” I heard a voice say, as I was walking by… It is a strange feeling having people you have never met approach you with enthusiasm. I had a good conversation with him. More on this later.

As I always like to say, the future of television is online and in addition to this let me also say…

“The world is not round, it’s online”. 

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Me with Jay Davidson Assistant Commissioner for BBC 2 and BBC 4. I have a dream…

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